Last updated on Dec. 6th, 1999.

Davide Bassi
Department of Physics
University of Trento, Italy

Hereafter you will the following files:

  AWUSBdriver.llb: a LabVIEW library containing calls to the elementary functions of the ActiveWire awusb.dll. At least one ActiveWire USB board and its software must be installed in your system. The driver has been written using LabVIEW 5.1, under Windows 98.

  AWUSBexamples.llb: a LabVIEW library containing example VIs for the ActiveWire USB board .

  dir.mnu. To manage your ActiveWire USB board as an "external instrument" create a sub-directory named "AWUSB" in .../LabVIEW/INSTR.LIB. Copy in .../LabVIEW/INSTR.LIB/AWUSB the file dir.mnu, together with AWUSBdriver.llb and AWUSBexamples.llb.