Just a few words before you jump (just in case you are still waitin' to do so) to the download section of this web page. You are maybe already aware of the Italian MIDI service I'm offering since almost four (yes, that's FOUR) years. So, you know that I'm quite MIDI addicted. As a result, I tried to spend a non-negligible amount of hours (somewhat 300) to play my instrument(s) instead of upgrading the web service. This could be of barely acceptable opportunity for most visitors. Well, after all, I'm not payed for this service (I won't to be paid neither), so I followed my inspiration (?). After dust removal from the keyboards and some preliminary attempts, I produced 10 songs (produced here it means: composed, arranged, played, recorded and converted in mpeg format all by myself) which are now freely offered to your harsh criticisms and comments. Please, feel free to do so, I know what are my positive aspects but I barely know what are my (lower) limits. So, if anybody could help me in saying something like "please, why don't you go back to technical questions and FAQs on internet instead of wasting (precious) time?" I won't get offended, not at all!
No kidding: 10 songs of jazz flavour, following my strictly personal attraction towards standard styles. Basic ideas were roughly rendered with my unique instrument (the piano, of course!). Then I added the bass line (a scratch line, actually), as well as a scratch drum pattern. Then I went back to the piano trying to put some more harmony and a sort of aestethical frame to the song. Then I deleted the original bass line and replaced it with something better, more definitive, the same for the drum line. Some heavy work then with brass instruments and other soloists. Here I make extended use of sampled sounds with the help of a good audio card.

OK, would you like to know what is my instrumentation? Here we go:

Digital piano Roland HP5500S, mute keyboard FATAR 610;
MIDI modules Korg M3R, Sound Canvas SC50, Korg NS5R, Alesis D4;
Digital effects Alesis MIDIverb III and MIDIverb 4;
audio card AWE64 with 8MB on board;
analog mixer Mackie 1604.
Final master on DAT Pioneer D5.
Sequenced with Cakewalk 8.0.

If you like or dislike my work, please do not wait and drop a message!!!

Thanks for your visit!